Consulting with Katie Lord

Consulting with Katie Lord

I will give you actionable, valuable advice on how to grow your business through PointBook, adding value to your services, and navigating business. I’ve had a lot of successes throughout my career, but also a lot of failures. I will share with you my business expertise of both the good and bad experiences to help you navigate the challenges you face as an entrepreneur.


Why Consult with Katie Lord?

Katie Lord knows a thing or two about productizing services, marketing, and design. She is also an experienced mentor at 1871, AIGA, and General Assembly.

What You Get

You get a block of time exclusively with Katie where she can help guide you on based on her skills and experience.

How It Works

After you purchase your block of time, you will receive an email where you can book a time that works best for your schedule. When booking your time slot, you will need to answer the following questions:

  • Please describe your goals?
  • What barriers are keeping you from your goals?
  • What topic would you like to focus on for our session?
  • What do you need to do to make your ideas happen?

About Katie Lord

Katie Lord has helped companies achieve over $50,000,000 in venture capital funding through marketing and design. Having held positions such as a Marketing Manager at SMS Assist (now a $1B+ company) and Art Director at the Tribune, she has valuable experience working with and at the C-level of companies to guide their marketing strategies and execute creative design.

She founded Katie Lord Inc in 2015 has been helping companies get their start and make their ideas happen since. She’s also on the leadership team with Women Tech Founders, is a mentor for 1871, AIGA, and General Assembly for UX design, how to escalate your hustle, and productizing services. Some recent projects she’s worked on are for the Midwest Women in Tech Conference, Chicago Podcast Festival, Sales Hacker Midwest, Syndio, Kiser Group, Rainmaker, Xaptum, Besafemeds, EventUP, University of Chicago SSA, Parents for Healthy Kids sponsored by Aldi.


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