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2-Minute Pitch

Your pitch is crucial to how people remember you. Present yourself to your network in a unique-memorable way to get new clients, referrals, and projects.

DIY Brand Guidelines

Well-defined brand guidelines ensure that the company’s identity remains consistent and cohesive, no matter who is working on a project or where the company is being featured.

Make Your Ideas Happen

Download a tested and proven method to help make your ideas happen, big or small.

4 P’s of Marketing

Use this worksheet to better understand what your 4 P’s of Marketing are by answering some basic business questions.

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Being Your Own Project Manager

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Business 101s

  Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, get excited about what can go right. The world of freelancing is not a straight path or straight ladder climb. More often than not, it’s like skiing down a mountain side where there are hundreds of obstacles such as...

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Types of Freelancers

This may surprise you, but there are lots of different types of freelancers. There are freelancers who are stuck working on small project after project, and others that have too many leads to keep track. Which one are you? There are lots of different types of...

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